Natural Living: One Step at a Time

I don’t know about you, but we are not a cold turkey kinda family. Five people is quite a bunch of personalities… so making lasting changes in our way of living is best done, one step at a time.

Simple changes are best. I do not recommend waking everyone up one morning and telling them that they are all now vegetarians. (that would NOT go over well in my household) I can see them all running screaming into the arms of the neighbors….

So, start small and go slow. I know you are super excited to save the Earth! But, we want these changes to last.

Our first change was simply with dryer sheets. I stopped purchasing the name brand product and just cut my own cotton fabric and made a quick mixture of white vinegar and essential oils. I decided very quickly that I was going to make one new change that day and I happened to be lucky enough that my son uses essential oils in his diffuser for his own peaceful mindfulness. Nice!

Here is the simple recipe we use to this day because it’s simple, effective and not at all overwhelming (sensitive noses in the Ranz household):

1/2 cup white vinegar

10-12 drops of essential oils (any mixture you want)

Mix together and put into whatever container you desire with a lid (I use a ball jar). Throw in your cotton sheets (tip: cut them with pinking sheers) and give them a shake up. When I use them, I put in 4-6 sheets (squeeze out extra liquid) depending on the child and the scent and my level of laziness.  In case you were wondering what scents I use – I love the combo of bergamot and orange OR lavender and rosemary.  Ahhhhhhh… It’s so simple!  Then just keep returning the sheets to the jar and refresh when needed. Bam!

Wasn’t that easy? Did your kids notice? Did they run screaming from the household because their laundry was freshened in a different way? Of course not – sometimes they wear their pajamas to school. Dirty kids. Sheesh.

OK, you are now armed with a small change! Go out there and stick with that first small goal, whatever it may be, and then do some research on your next step. Ease the whole family into the big changes and leave no other options. ( If you stop buying the products, they will learn to survive. Promise.)

I hope this helps. We are still on our journey to making changes, but I have some big crazy plans. I would love to hear some of yours too!

Always be authentic – love, Heather

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