What Makes a Home Cozy?

As a self proclaimed Queen of Cozy, I can say that having a comfortable home is at the top of my list along with keeping my kids (somewhat) clean and nice smelling. What can I say…..priorities.

But why? Why is is so important to have a cozy abode?

Turns out, we all have a connection to our home that affects our physical and mental wellness. Home provides privacy and security, a place to belong, and even an identity, among many other things. If your home is in disarray, so can your body and mind.

We have all seen it…..messy house = stressed out mama.

With the popularity of Marie Kondo’s Tidying Up series, people everywhere are saying Arigato and Goodbye to their avocado slicers and plaid shirt collections. If an item doesn’t spark joy, just let it go. Let go of items that weigh you down emotionally, organize the crap out of your home and add some squishy pillows and textured throws to your living room. Whatever it takes to clear the clutter and clear your mind and replace it with happy thoughts. Squishy thoughts that make you smile.

Comfort to me is soft lighting, lots of photos, walls of bright colors, green plants everywhere and a sofa with lots of fuzzy throw blankets. But maybe you prefer clean lines, architectural designs or white walls – it is YOUR identity and safe space….your personal place of belonging. So just be creative, follow your heart and do what brings you joy, like Marie Kondo says.

When you are authentically YOU, creating a comfortable home is very simple. It’s good for your family and also for your health and well being.

So, tell me below, how do you make your home cozy?

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