Making a Health Goal is ALL in Your Head

In the last 20 years or so, I have made lots of resolutions and high fived accountability partners excitedly when we made plans to get healthy FOR GOOD. Did I succeed? Nope.

I’ve made goals to – be skinny – have a bikini body – have muscles – just be stronger – have smaller boobs (how do I do that?) – be a runner – become a fitness instructor (who is this person?) – be a vegetarian (I actually tried for a few months) – be non-alcoholic (ummmmm yeah right) – be something I was not.

Miami Beach 2018

I lived so many years defined by my size. Healthy = Skinny. I’ve actually missed out on events simply because I didn’t think I looked thin enough to converse with other people. (why haven’t we seen Heather in a few months? Ohhhhh she is too fat to see people.) I have dealt with weird unexplainable skin rashes, many uncomfortable infections, a major lack of energy, terrible sleep habits, sugar addictions that made me hide food because I didn’t want to share it and more importantly, a chronic back pain that lasted for years. But still, the concern was always my weight, my size and hoping nobody saw the tag on the back of my shirt. Heaven forbid there was ever a situation where we had to give a shirt size to a group and all wear them together. Ugh. Worst nightmare.

So, where am I now? I am more educated now. I pay more attention to my happiness. I fixed my health issues by healing my gut with natural supplements. I practice daily mindfulness. But still, we are inundated with diet fads, health trends, emotional testimonials of triumph, people making breakthroughs (this one works!) ALL THE TIME. We all want what the other person has – and we will try anything to get it. But people, how many diets, trends, fads have you tried successfully?

When I say I am more educated, I mean I have done my OWN research. Time to do your own research and to look inward, too….that’s where you need to focus your concerns – not on others and what has worked for them. Being skinny ‘like Joanna’ or having muscles ‘like Robyn’ or being a yoga instructor ‘like Sandy’ are not about being YOU. We all need to do OUR own research, figure out who WE are and change OUR mindset on what is healthy and beautiful.

So, once you have done that, what are your TRUE, authentically YOU goals? Here are mine:

  • To love my unique body and see it as beautiful.
  • To give it daily care that includes clean eating and water consumption, natural supplementation to keep my gut healthy, mindfulness, movement that also feeds my soul and the rest it needs to renew.
  • To not care about the number on the scale or the size of my sweater but instead to focus on the happiness in my own skin and clothing.
  • To show others that they can do the same and that their individual goals can be totally different as long as they focus on health and happiness, living without pain, doing our own research and being patient with ourselves.
  • To ALWAYS enjoy the journey no matter how long it is…

So, are making health goals all in your head? You bet they are. Health goals are not just about being skinny or strong, they are about feeding your body, your mind AND your soul. They are all about being happy in your health journey and loving every minute of it as well as loving who you are while following your own unique path.

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