Don’t Ruin the Fun, Magic is Real

I am a die hard skeptic. I believe in science. I am not at all religious. I love to do research. I try to figure out in my head how things physically work. I was clearly meant to marry an engineer… check.

I am definitely not alone in this way of thinking. So, where does magic fit into this lifestyle? Well, more of us secretly believe in magic than we would like to admit. I had always considered it a sign of weakness or lack of education to believe in anything beyond the realm of science. I would roll my eyes at people who felt the spirits or used altars to get what they wished for.

But, I am here to admit it and so should you. Just yesterday, how many people wore a particular shirt/jersey for luck while watching the playoff football games? How do you react when you find a four leaf clover? Do you pick up pennies off the ground that are facing a certain way? Do you run up the stairs at night because the darkness behind you seems eerie? How many wishes have you made while blowing out birthday candles? Hmmmm…

We all want to believe – it is in our DNA. We follow small rituals in our daily lives that we may never categorize as magic, but our brains quietly do. In fact, cause and effect is as logical as you can get – you push the ball and it moves away from you. Cause and Effect. Simple. But, how about when your thoughts say – “get an interception” – and your team gets one! Isn’t that cause and effect too? (you are welcome, Saints) Cause and effect can seem to go farther than just our physical world to many of us. We all believe we have a special power at some point in our lives…

And what about mindset? The belief that mindset can create a ’cause and effect’ on our lives is certainly some sort of sorcery. And yet, it works. Ever hear about the placebo effect? That sugar pill that helps you get healthy even though it isn’t changing a thing about you physically. Surely, that is a perfect case of mindset magic. Recently, I have been doing a ton of training on mindset and positive thinking and I can actually say with complete confidence that my daily life is definitely better.

So, is it magic? Sure! Why not? Don’t ruin the fun for everyone else. If anything, a little magic will certainly make your day brighter, more interesting and happier and we can all use a little bit of that magic.

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