Kids are Home AGAIN???

Let me start this off by saying I am very lucky to be able to have the time freedom to stay home with my kids. Now, that I’ve said that, let me also say that no matter whether you work from home or not, it’s never easy to change your schedule when an unexpected day off happens.

After the 3 day weekend, I was looking forward to getting the kids back into their routine today (mine as well!). Well, mother nature did not agree with me. The temperature was so bitterly cold the past day and this morning it was below 10 degrees when I got up. School was cancelled. This is when the kids take each others hands and do Maypole dances around my deflated body lying on the ground. Sigh.

These are the moments that seasoned Mamas have trained for… transitioning from doing your own work to entertaining and managing children. I may be a pretty seasoned Mama since my youngest is now 10, but I still get knocked off balance on days like these. You see, I love being a Mama on the weekends and evenings, but I also love what I do and look forward to Monday’s quiet time to work.

So, what do you do to create a smooth transition for the kids and also for yourself? It is NOT always easy for me to let go of the control so having some “ready-made” ideas always helps.

Here are some great ideas to keep them busy, ideas to spend some time with them and also maybe, possibly, sneak in a little work for yourself:

  • Play a Boardgame – duh. Well, when the game is over and you all played a fun game, suggest the kids all play one more round together while you get a little work done.
  • Build a Fort in the TV room – fun for all ages! Help get it all created and then when it’s time to play inside and have a picnic, make some snacks and let them all enjoy while you get a little work done.
  • Go Outside and Take a Hike – hey, if you know me, my best ideas come when outdoors, so this is definitely a way to kill 2 birds with one stone. Take lots of pics for your “photo bank” and even do a How-To video with the kids if it applies to your business.
  • Run an Art Class – this is one of my favorites – but it can be any type of activity where you offer them the supplies they need, get them started with ideas and can “teach” while getting some of your own work done too. (writing letters to family, making popsicles out of juice,
  • Have a Reading Break – this is an easy one. If your kids are old enough to read on their own, send them to their own cozy spot (or all sit together) to ready for 30+ minutes. If they are too young to read on their own, a bedroom break is perfect – look at books, play with toys, whatever…. This is a great time to do some of your own self development!
  • Assign them Work – my kids are old enough to use the internet so now I can easily outsource my researching to them when I need the help. They love it. Give them parameters like, “I am looking for a Reusable Produce Bag made of Organic Cotton – find me the best buy with the best reviews, good shipping cost/time, and environmentally safe practices” Or whatever… saves so much time!
  • Schedule the Day – this is the most important thing of all because we all need structure! You can schedule in a time when everyone has quiet time and you will be able to get work done. This also makes it easier for you to let go and relax and enjoy yourself with your kids because you know you will have the designated work time coming up. Don’t miss out!

Being a parent is such an amazing job, but we all have goals! I am not defined only by my Mama-hood. So, go find your balance – you’ll probably have some pretty fun moments with your kids if you create the structure that you all crave.

Happy Day Off!

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