Goodbye to Plastic

As you know, my family and I are on a journey to cleaner living, less waste and a more natural life. Wow, that sounded good to write. But truly, a happier home starts with a healthier home and we are taking baby steps in the right direction.

I have made a list of things I would like to remove from my kitchen in order to create less waste. The list is not entirely figured out yet, but I know what bothers me and what I would like to change the MOST – the amount of PLASTIC that we use daily. I’m talking about water bottles, straws, produce bags, prepared food containers, grocery bags, ziploc bags, plastic utensils, food storage, bread bags, garbage bags, cling wrap, meat wraps, single size foods/snacks, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc… Once you actually open your eyes to how much plastic you actively use on a daily basis, it’s astounding. Now think about how much of it you are throwing away? Sigh…

I am not saying we are going to get rid of all the plastic in our home. I am just not that hard core, but we can make a significant difference. I don’t foresee us ever getting rid of our garbage bags, but we can easily get rid of grocery bags, straws, water bottles, bread bags, produce bags, ziploc bags, cling wrap, utensils and possibly more. Today I tackled one of them – Produce Bags.

Check these out:

For a very long time, I was using my fabric grocery bags and just putting loose produce in them to carry home. It works some of the time, but not always and when you want to buy more items in bulk, that just won’t cut it. I found these amazing organic cotton produce bags online that make me happy simply because I think they are beautiful AND functional (satisfies my creative and logical sides). I was so excited when they arrived, I did an unboxing video….but I won’t subject you to my silliness. Well, not yet at least…

It seems like such a simple change to make in your house and most people are already carrying their own reusable grocery bags into the store, so why not these as well? They even have the tare weight written on each bag tag so when you are weighing your food, you know how to account for the weight of the bag. Damnnnnnn. Easy to use, easy to clean and no more throwing away unnecessary plastic produce bags. Check.

Next on my agenda – the cling wrap. I have some DIY recipes for beeswax wraps and am excited to get creating soon! Will keep you posted. Go out there and get your own bags too:

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