It’s Citrus Clean

I love the winter not just because snow is magical and winter weather is quiet….but also because I love citrus fruit. (specifically, clementines) Even better, cross-country skiing in a quiet forest with clementines for a snack! Winter win!

I normally just add the peels to my compost, but citrus peels tend to take a long amount of time to break down. I decided I didn’t want to add all of them to the bin and would try some other home remedies with the extra peels.

It turns out that there are several ways to use citrus peels in your home that range from fire starters to facial scrubs. Awesome, because I have a bunch. Whenever I peel a few of them, I simply put the peels in a container in my fridge until I have enough to dehydrate a batch in the oven. I have yet to purchase a dehydrator (would love anyone’s suggestions for good ones!) but the oven method works just fine.

I like to spend a little part of each day doing something that feeds my soul – something that is quiet, meditative, rewarding and also constructive – let’s be real here, I am still a mama and have things to do! Today I pulled those peels out of the fridge and sat down with a paring knife and a bowl. I carefully cut off as much pith as possible from the peels (that part is very bitter) and sliced them into thin strips. Once all the peels were done, I put them on a backing sheet in a 200 degree oven. In about 30-35 minutes, they were dry and curled.


My kids thought they looked cool, but also asked, “what are you going to do with dried orange peels?” Besides what I know I want to use them for which is cleaning products, meals and teas, I looked up other uses and found 24 ways to use citrus peels from Kidpot:

My point is this – a citrus peel is not garbage. It can take on so many roles if you just give it a chance. If you purchase organic and pesticide free citrus, you will be doing something good for your clean living habits. Give it a try and see what happens. The Earth will thank you.

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