Superbowl Sunday Bites

I am not a fan of any sports teams. My husband and I prefer to just watch well balanced football games and we often root for the underdog. But for some reason this football season, I became very fond of those New Orleans Saints and was rooting for them to make it all the way. We all saw how that turned out. Humph.

So, I am reverting to my usual Superbowl role….yummy food maker/eater and TV commercial and Half Time watcher. Lucky for you, I was so excited for the Saints during that Playoff game, I already made a first round of yummy bites to share with you.

Superbowl is all about snacky, handheld, not-something-you-eat-everyday food. Go ahead and let loose! Most people have simple American foods like hotdogs and hamburgers as well as chips and salsa, buffalo wings, onion dips, chili, potato skins and hero sandwiches or sliders. Growing up, my mother always made what she called Super Nachos for the neighborhood blowout. Her dish is a HOT layered mexican dip of refried beans, taco meat, salsa, chilis and olives that oozes with cheese. Mmm. Even though I could eat super nachos every single day of my life, my kids still aren’t big eaters of mixed dips like this one, so over the years, I have always made Guacamole to share with the kids (of which I am very proud of). But, only my boys like Guac, so this year, we decided to make some Pretzel Bites because all 3 kids would eat them.

Cooking fun new snacks with kids is always an adventure. Keep it simple, keep it fun and enjoy your time in the kitchen. Nothing has to be perfect. We found that our little pinwheels of dough unrolled in their baking soda bath, so in the next batch, we tied our dough into knots. But, you can always just cut little squares. The sweet recipe we found uses premade pizza dough to make the pretzels. Check this out….

Talk about easy and fun and delicious.

But, let’s be real, you can’t have just one snack for Superbowl. So, Spicy Brown Sugar Bacon Wrapped Lil Smokies were on the menu as well. I found this recipe on The Chunky Chef – another simple, fun and delicious recipe AND one that can feed many people with just a pound of bacon and a couple bags of lil smokies. Boom.

Warning: you could easily eat half of these if you don’t stop yourself!

The recipe called for more of the brown sugar mixture to be rolled onto the little smokies, but I decided to go with less sugar and they were still mouthwatering.

Whatever you decide to eat or not eat while watching the big game, enjoy yourself! Even if you are only watching the commercials or half time show like me, it’s always fun to get together with friends and just keep it lowkey. And, as always…Guacamole….

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