Valentine’s Day for the Family that doesn’t Celebrate…

Yahhhh, I know I am being a sour puss. But truly, these ‘minimal’ holidays just seem to become a burden as your children get older. The sweet adorable magic is gone so you are just going through the motions. I am not going to ask my 14 year old to do a handprint heart for her Daddy’s office wall. I would just get an eye roll if I even tried to suggest that one.

Let’s face it – there are TONS of super cute and crafty ideas for Valentine’s Day when your kids are little and highly influenced by candy. But, when they become pre-teens and teens, those days are over. I used to do the sweetest Pinterest-worthy crafts when they were little to give to their Daddy. I loved it. Being creative was fun. Wahhhhhhhh…

What do I do now?

Honestly, my family is not really into lots of gift giving and cards and fanfare. We normally just stick to spending time together instead of purchasing things. No grand gestures here. Maybe it’s the excuse we give each other because no one knows how to be a gift giver (except for me). Whatever – I don’t need another I heart Mom mug. (but I really love handmade gifts, kids…..anyone listening? anyone?)

However, I still want to offer up a little something handmade to let them know I am thinking of them and that they are loved on this particular day (and every day). Just try finding gift ideas for teens on Pinterest. HA! Everything is focused on little kids or the boyfriend/girlfriend.

I did a heavy search and found a few sweet ideas depending on what your kids are interested in. I like to keep my gifts handmade – buying them a new pair of earbuds for Valentine’s Day just sounds silly to me.

So, here are a few ideas I have stacked together:

I am definitely not above baking something for my kids. But check out the bath bomb and the succulent in a bag? How cute are those?

But, honestly – these are my winners right here:

I think this would be such an amazing gift to craft for each kid. They would be specific to the child and as they are in such an awkward phase of their lives right now, this may offer a little private positivity when they may need it. The envelopes idea below is even more specific to addressing their needs. So sweet.

Open when… had a bad day… go on a trip… need a laugh…….you need motivation… miss me….etc…. SO MANY GREAT OPTIONS.

Here is a quick and easy one that all of us can do for the big day this week:

More ideas right here –

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