Kitchen Organization

Sure, we all have vision of grandeur when it comes to our kitchens…(right?) Well, I do. I always wanted a kitchen straight out of Fixer Upper – something inspired (and paid for!) by Joanna & Chip Gaines. Wouldn’t that be amazing.

Unfortunately, my space, my abilities and my budget mean that I need to cut some corners and accept what I cannot change. I can, at the very least, make it cozy, attractive and functional. Oh, and organized.

Unfortunately, I am not the best at organizing things. I want things organized, but can not always keep up with the process. But, my kitchen is definitely one of those spaces where I WANT to keep everything in it’s place. (my family members may have other ideas)

The most important spot in my kitchen is the island where I keep our daily supplements, the Alexa speaker, various spices, and little things I use during the day. My idea was to find some sort of container where I could put everything in it so it is uniform and maybe have room for something festive or maybe some greenery – maybe a rosemary plant?

This is why I love Pinterest – I have no idea what I want except for a specific look that I love. I don’t know what it’s called otherwise I would just google it. So, you look through ‘kitchen table organization’ ideas, see two pics you love and you save them. The magic Pinterest fairies take that info and change your feed so you see more like that. YES! More options…..more saves.

Now I now that what I like is called Tiered Trays – so I search up that. Jackpot! (I wonder if Joanna Gaines does this all day) Here is what I found for inspiration:

Not only that, but I also found a way to possibly make it myself – or at least some inspiration on how to start the process:

I would love to hear any thoughts or ideas on this project!!! Do you love it? Hate it? Can make it better? Gimme all the ideas!


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