Month: February 2019

Valentine’s Day for the Family that doesn’t Celebrate…

Yahhhh, I know I am being a sour puss. But truly, these ‘minimal’ holidays just seem to become a burden as your children get older. The sweet adorable magic is gone so you are just going through the motions. I am not going to… Continue Reading “Valentine’s Day for the Family that doesn’t Celebrate…”

Are Candles Polluting the Air in your Home?

Wait, what? I know many of you are huge candle fans and your homes are constantly filled with the lovely warmth of a scented candle. I have never been much of a candle person simply because I have 3 kids. But, in the past… Continue Reading “Are Candles Polluting the Air in your Home?”

Sourdough in the Bread Box

I am kicking myself lately because I was given a breadmaker 15 years ago and I did not appreciate it. It was big and bulky and I was a new mom with no time for anything but nursing and changing diapers. So, I gave… Continue Reading “Sourdough in the Bread Box”

My Indoor Jungle

The desire to grow and nurture a plant is something most of us feel. Greenery looks fresh, clean and is relaxing. I personally feel much more grounded and in touch when I am surrounded by plants because nature calms me. But, not all of… Continue Reading “My Indoor Jungle”

Shiny, Happy Skin

I don’t take good care of my skin in the winter. Ya know, the time of year when it needs the most care. I know I should, but I just keep covering it up with long sleeve sweatshirts, fuzzy socks and yoga pants. Dry,… Continue Reading “Shiny, Happy Skin”

What are PFAS and Why Should I Care?

I am a self-proclaimed junkie for documentaries. All types…natural wonders, how-to-science, natural disasters, travelling the globe, crime stories and also health discoveries. My Netflix queue is long and varied. My husband came across one the other night that struck us both with wonder. It… Continue Reading “What are PFAS and Why Should I Care?”

Winter Weather?

When you are a family of outdoorsy people, you follow weather reports pretty religiously on the weekends. My family loves winter and all the fun activities that go along with it….downhill skiing, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, (and ice skating, although I’m not a… Continue Reading “Winter Weather?”

Reuse & Repurpose This!

When I made 3 separate purchases in one day at a very popular online shopping site, I realized I may have a problem. It’s very easy to get stuck in a pattern of making purchases that you think you need. But, in my recent… Continue Reading “Reuse & Repurpose This!”