All Dreams Are Worth Going For

We all feel stuck sometimes. Maybe we don’t feel like going to work, or going to that training class or writing that paper or even doing the dishes for days… (no? just me?) Listen, life can start to form patterns or routines that just aren’t exciting. Soon, we find ourselves working for the weekends. But why do we accept living this way?

Everything is a choice. I am not ignoring the fact that people have families and bills and responsibilities. We are a family of 5 – I get it. I also loathe my inner housewife and want more. Don’t we all?

So, what are we waiting for?


We all have different needs, wants and desires. We all have different responsibilities. We also all have the choice to make a change. Change can happen if we don’t let fear take over. Just like your favorite old pup, we get used to our old tricks. It’s easy to stay where you are. It’s easier to just slide right under the radar – not rocking the boat – keeping your head down – staying in your comfort zone.

Booooooooo I say. You will never be satisfied with life if you “just get by”. So, ask yourself – what do you want to do? You don’t have to make some major change to your work and home life – it could be something as simple as, ‘I want to take an art class’ or, ‘I want to learn how to code’, or even “I would love to be able to touch my toes’ – who knows!? Or maybe it’s something like ‘I want to start my own business” or ‘I am ready to move out of the country’. Once you know, find out how to do it and start right away. And always remember that everyone has to start somewhere – we are all beginners at some point in our lives.

Need some motivation and encouragement?

Absolutely! Here are a few excellent ways to find positive motivation:

  • just start even if it’s slowly – the motivation will catch up to you
  • find a friend or family member to motivate you – just ask them!
  • look for an accountability partner – someone to keep you on your path
  • go as slow as you need – there is no one you need to compete with
  • remove distractions – turn off your phone, the tv and put them out of reach
  • listen to a great playlist or podcast – something that gets you pumped!
  • remember WHY you are doing this and never give up
  • always have hope
  • make small goals and keep moving forward
  • be kind to yourself when you fail and celebrate yourself when you win
  • take a break and regroup in your happy place if you need to
  • your only competition is yourself!

Stop waiting and go for it. My mama always said, “No Guts, No Glory, Go For It!!!” Best mantra ever. See you on the other side…


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