No Poo Shampoo – Does it Work?

I never thought that shampoo was something I could DIY. All the ingredients on those bottles are things I could never get my hands on. But, recently, I have realized that all those ingredients are things I DON’T want to get my hands on…..or my hair. In my continuing effort to try to make my own household products (especially the ones that are absorbed into our skin) I have come across a bunch of different recipes.

I have done some extensive searching for just the right shampoo. Researching can be quite a rabbit hole but also very exciting. Finding recipes for shampoos are all over the place – for all different hair types and needs. I wouldn’t be surprised at this point to see specific shampoos for blonds, brunettes and red heads. And let me tell you, the recipes vary quite a bit and everyone has an opinion on why THIS works and THAT doesn’t. It’s confusing and runs you around in repeating loops. Ultimately, you need to do the research on the ingredients and find out WHY you need them and WHAT they do and be your own shower scientist.

While digging into different recipes and their ingredients, I read alot about ‘no poo’ shampoo. Wait, what the heck is that?

Well, let’s start with a little history… shampooing your hair daily only became the norm back in the 1970s. Before that, we didn’t shampoo for weeks, even months. Now, today, I would be appalled by this habit of waiting so long and immediately dismiss it for me. I have very fine hair (like baby fine) and also very greasy hair (like by the end of the day my bangs start to stick together). For the past few years, every woman with thick luscious hair would tell me that they only wash their hair once a week. I would be jealous and wonder why they never looked greasy. Their day 7 would look my day 2, to put it into perspective. I wish I could go a week without washing my hair, but I cannot without the risk of being socially outcast.

But truthfully, there are benefits to not washing your hair daily. We all have natural oils in our hair follicles called sebum that keeps our hair shiny, conditioned and healthy. Washing your hair frequently with synthetic shampoos strips away your hair’s natural oils. When you strip away the natural oils, the oil glands sense that your hair is ‘drying out’ and so produces more sebum oils to keep your hair safe – thus the greasy hair. So, the more you wash, the more oils you produce, the greasier your hair looks, so you want to wash it again, and the vicious cycle continues….

Now, I am not one to say this doesn’t work. I am just wary about going that long without washing especially when I work out and sweat. This is where the ‘no poo’ method comes in to play. The no poo theory is that by washing your hair with gentle alternatives to shampoo, like apple cider vinegar or baking soda, you won’t strip the hair of it’s natural oils and create an imbalance. It’s a hair care revolution that I am starting to think may be a fight I want to join.

However, I am going to work my way towards no poo living slowly. I just don’t think my hair follicles can quit shampoo cold turkey. Instead I am going to create my own natural shampoos that won’t introduce harsh chemicals to my skin and hair follicles. We will see what happens! If I could rid my head of it’s greasiness that would be a damn miracle.


Tonight, I was excited to get this journey going so I threw together this first of my new natural shampoos. It’s not no poo yet, but is a better step in the right direction. Here is what I made:

This is my own recipe that I tweaked from a few others. I have no idea if it will be right for my hair type and my journey, but I am going to try. I immediately washed my hair after making it (so excited)- there was a great lather even though it was quite liquidy….it smelled amazing and I can say for sure that my hair feels clean and very soft. I did, I should mention, rinse my hair with my Apple Cider Vinegar mixture as well as it helps to close the cuticles and restore my natural pH levels. This retraining of my hair and oil glands can take weeks – like 2 – 6 weeks. But, if I am going to do this, I am going to do this.

Wish me luck.

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2 Comments on “No Poo Shampoo – Does it Work?

  1. I’m in the camp that washes their hair like once a week. Other folks of my ethnicity do the same. Our thick and course hair will dry and frizz with more washing. Rosemary essential oil is also good at repelling lice.

    • I hope to be there someday with some retraining of my hair! Rosemary is good for hair loss and hair growth. Tea tree is good for hair growth. Peppermint is good for oily hair. I hope this continues to work!

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