Deck the Halls – Fa La La La La

Why do we hang wreaths on our front doors? What is the fascination with a circle of greenery? We have wreaths for the winter holidays, wreaths for spring, wreaths for summer and everything in between. You can make your own, they can be live or fake, you can buy them at big box stores or even at craft fairs. Wreaths are a universal decoration.

They have quite a rich history.

Ancient Greeks and Romans gave wreaths of laurel to the victors in the Olympic Games. (origin of the phrase which warns against “resting on your laurels” from past victories instead of going out in search of new ones)

In Christian lore, people would make Advent wreaths to celebrate the the strength of making it through the rough winter. The circle represents strength, eternity, or an unending circle of life.

In Ancient Greece and in Eastern Europe, Harvest Wreaths were made of grain plants, fruits and nuts and hung on doors all year round to symbolize protection for the crops.

In the Victorian era, wreaths were commonly adorned with different flowers that each had an elaborate symbolism. (those crazy Victorians!) When maidens were laid to rest, they carried white flowers to show her purity on a wreath crown that supposedly reserved her spot in Heaven.

In Sweden, St Lucia’s Crowns were heavy wreaths of brass and garland with lit candles to show the light of Christ.

Whatever the symbolism, meaning or joy that wreaths bring, they are everywhere. And today, I made one for my front door….because my Christmas wreath seemed a little past due. Crafting and creating brings me joy, but I don’t make any of my crafts to symbolize anything in particular. I’m a pretty basic gal.

I took a simple metal frame and wrapped it in green burlap ribbon to create a bulky base. I then added and wire wrapped green moss sheet ‘ribbon’ over the entire front of the wreath. Moss on a ribbon roll – who knew? Then Toby helped me……

It’s my birthday today – I am 4 years old!

Once I got the moss base on the wreath, I needed to add my picks. Michaels had their Spring picks at 40% off, so I just couldn’t resist this adorable little mushrooms. The little birdhouse and birds nest just ended up in my cart too….I have no idea how.


After the mushrooms were added to the moss, I knew I needed a ribbon. Don’t all wreaths have a bow? I should’ve researched that too – oh well, too late. I am totally up to my ears in this burlap trend thang, so I made one out of burlap ribbon. What else can I make with it, cuz I got alot of it left. Send me ideas….

It turned out pretty sweet if I do say so myself.

The birds nest and bird house went in last and with a quick wrap of wire at the top, I hung it from the front door hook and told my boys to come and see my creation. I was expecting some intense praise for my adorable front door decor, but the boys were too busy playing Minecraft. Sigh.

Once I stepped back and took a look, I realized that my wreath has lots of symbolism. Spring is a time of renewal and rebirth —— moss and mushrooms grow out of deadened trees and leaves = renewal and rebirth. Duh. See, I didn’t even try to make my wreath symbolic, but I still did.

Happy Spring..



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