Easy DIY Make Up Remover

I don’t wear makeup often. But, I do like a polished look even though my husband says I look better without makeup. (what a sweet man to give me a reason to let go) But truly, I just got into the habit of not wearing it often because it never felt good on my face. My eyes would always feel tired and sore half way through the day. They stung.

It wasn’t until I got elbow deep into my new “reading the ingredients labels” lifestyle that I even thought to question that my makeup was irritating my eyes because it was unsafe. I mean really, Heather? We go through life assuming that if they sell it on the store shelf, it must be safe to put on my body. Duh. Right? Boy was I wrong and I can’t believe it took me so long to figure that out.

Nonetheless, I did make that discovery and quickly threw all my makeup away and turned to Beautycounter. Clean ingredients by European Union standards. Apparently, in the US, we have very LOW standards for what is safe to put in beauty products….like really low. In Europe, they ban over 1,300 ingredients from being used in personal care products and the US bans only 11. Yup…..you read that right. Are you freaking out yet?

Well, whether you are or not, the question has been raised. What am I putting on my face? What is being absorbed into my skin? Question everything.

When I was putting all that toxic makeup on my skin, I was taking it off with even more chemicals. Makeup remover isn’t much better. But, there is hope! Make up remover is not hard to make yourself. Many people already use non-toxic removers like coconut oil or almond oil or even witch hazel. But, I wanted something a little bit more.


So, let’s do it:

Grab a 4 oz jar. (I used an 8 oz wide mouth ball jar and doubled the recipe)

  • 1 1/2 – 2 Tbsp of fractionated Coconut Oil (fractionated basically means it’s liquid)
  • 1 tsp Liquid Castille Soap (I recommends Dr. Bronners because it’s clean!)
  • Distilled Water
  • 2-4 Drops of Essential Oils (you choose your scent! I’m trying Lavender)
  • 1/2 tsp Vitamin E Oil (for a preservative)

Now let’s chat about how to have less trash in the bathroom before we finish this little recipe.  A big part of this clean living journey is producing less trash and finding more reusable options. So, I am removing cotton balls from my grocery list from now on (check!) YEAH! I found a sweet reusable option for cotton balls with these organic bamboo cotton rounds! Aren’t they perfect? They even come with a cute little zip up bag for throwing in the washing machine. 

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Alright, back to our Makeup Remover…

Place your cotton pads in the 4 oz jar, in a separate bowl, mix the coconut oil, vitamin E oil and castile soap and pour it over the pads. Push down on them to absorb. Add distilled water & oils so it’s just enough to wet the pads. Place lid on jar and shake!


When you grab a cotton round to use in the evening (always remove your makeup at night!) you can throw it in the washing bag when you are done and at the end of the week, throw the whole bag in the laundry. Of course, I wash my face with a Beautycounter Charcoal soap after removing makeup and than apply my Plexus Joyome Night Serum. I am totally killing my nighttime routine! All clean and safe products and also extremely effective!

So simple, so easy and most of all, CLEAN and REUSABLE. Just one step closer (and not completely unreasonable) to living a more Earth conscious life. Yay us!



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