10 No Sew Fabric Scrap Crafts

“She who dies with the most fabric wins!” It’s a competition. OK, maybe not, but fabric has a way of making you obsessive. Anyone who sews knows this. I had my own Etsy business for years where I made and sold custom baby boutique items. Clothing, toys, bedding, blankets, teethers, bow ties, stuffed animals, art bags, bibs, you name it, I probably made it.

I spent long hours with clients searching and matching fabric collections to make entire baby sets. It was always an enjoyable process to help new parents create the perfect designer baby nursery. Babies bring so much joy, don’t they? But, it also came with one little issue – custom work means purchasing LOTS of fabric.

So, you can imagine how much fabric I have collected over the years. It’s ridiculous. But,  I adore every fabric collection I have purchased. They represent new life, joy and happiness to me…

Since I closed my business over a year ago, I have yet to sell my fabric. It is hard to get rid of it. Not because I plan to use it to sew any baby blankets, but because it represents a large part of my life and my identity. I was the baby boutique lady for over 10 years.

Today I stepped out of my comfort zone and started to sell some of that fabric. Did I survive? YES! In fact, I am very excited to sell more.

I haven’t gotten rid of everything yet. The designer cotton is going to be the most difficult to part with….and I am clearly leaving that until the very last minute. My sewing machine is away, but I still want to use some of my beautiful fabric for other things – some kind of reminder of who I was and what I did for others. But what?

Here are 10 No Sew ideas I found and put together that are classic, beautiful and will be a great way to show off many of the fabrics I have grown to love over the years:

Make your own fabric twine (and then use for other projects) from My Poppet
Embroidery hoop fabric decor from Home Stories A to Z
Fabric Map from Home Talk
No Sew Bags from Intimate Weddings
Covered Switchplates from I Love Fabric
Scrap Garland from Southern State of Mind
Fabric Magnets  (or buttons) from Andreas Notebook
Bendable Fabric Flags from Poppytalk
Fabric Covered Letters from Domestic Imperfection
Rainbow Wreath from Gnome Angel

Aren’t those all amazing ideas? There are some beautiful and creative blogs out there, folks! Go searching. I love that I can make these sweet little crafts with my fabric scraps and have them be a reminder in my household of my previous business without having to get out my sewing machine to actually sew something. LOL

Happy Crafting!

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  1. I want to try ALL of these crafts. Maybe I can let myself do a craft after I purge another section of the house. Purge, craft! Purge, craft!

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