Laundry Detergent – Take 2

One of the challenging parts about making your own products is the testing to see if they work. As consumers, we all want our shampoo to clean our hair, smell nice, be easy to use and affordable – we want our laundry detergent to clean our clothes, smell nice, be easy to use and affordable – we want our lotions to moisturize our skin, smell nice, be easy to use and affordable. When you add in the need for clean and safe ingredients, it can become quite a challenge.

When I started my clean living journey, it was all because of what I learned from my favorite supplements. I cannot thank Plexus enough for opening my eyes to the need to heal my gut, care for my skin microbiome, reduce inflammation and give self love to my mind and spirit. My life is CHANGED because of these products.  Since starting on my Plexus journey over 3 years ago, I have also begun to explore other ways to reduce chemicals and toxins in my everyday life. It led me to start making many of my own household products and starting this Blog to share what I have learned with you along the way. I hope you have enjoyed so far!

One of the first products I tried to make myself was Laundry Detergent. I was so excited to mix my batch of detergent with all the recipes I had gathered and clean ingredients I had purchased. It looked beautiful.

Then I tried it. After one day, the Liquid Detergent I made had already separated into a liquid on top and a lumpy goopy mess on the bottom. Worst of all, it would NOT mix back together completely. I figured it wouldn’t matter what it looked like as long as it worked. So, the washing began…

The first thing I noticed is it left quite a residue in my HE washer. I know that High Efficiency washers do not require that much detergent, but my mind told me I needed to add more because it was homemade. WRONG. This caused some water bill issues because I started giving my laundry Deep Fills and Extra Rinses to fix the residue issue (so much for being better for the environment). Still, I just couldn’t get past the icky look of the liquid detergent and I didn’t want to keep using so much water. I knew it was time to try something different.

After lots more research, I found a very easy powder recipe that only has 2 ingredients. I love simple. Here it is:


All you have to do is get out your box grater or Food Processor and grate those 3 bars of soap (it was really easy to grate by hand) and then mix with the powder. That is it! Each load only requires 2 Tbsp of powder so I used an old scoop from my Plexus Lean Shakes which is around 3 Tbsp and filled it 2/3 of the way. It is the perfect shape and I am thrilled to be able to reuse it instead of adding it to a landfill. My weekend was spent using this detergent for my family – lots of clothes. Because it is a HE washer, I read that it was recommended to put the powder directly into the washer instead of in the dispenser, but honestly, I tried the dispenser and it cleaned out perfectly. But, I will do it directly from now on. ***UPDATE: Directly into the washer was actually worse in my washer, so I went back to putting it in the powder dispenser and we are good to go again. So, check with your type of washer!***


After the laundry extravaganza weekend, I have to say I am pleased with this detergent! It cleans, it leaves no residue, it smells nice and is definitely affordable. I bought a 6 pack of soap and half went to the detergent and half went to the shower to keep my family clean. All together, the 3 Bar soaps cost around $13 total and the Super Washing Soda costs around $12 – so $25 for the container and at 2 Tbsp per load, each load costs less than a 50 cents per load. WOOHOO! All criteria met. I will, of course, keep you updated as we move into the muddy soccer season. Winter doesn’t present many stains or filth, so we still have time to put this recipe to the test. Until then, I give this recipe a thumbs up!

Happy Laundering!

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  1. I have to know: do you find it gets rid of the funk? Like sweaty-boy-clothes-that-were-left-all-over-the-house-for-a-few-days-and-got-really-sweaty-before-being-discarded-under-the-couch kind of funk. Possibly-damp-from-god-only-knows-what funk. And have you had any skin issues with the more sensitive of your bunch? I’m considering making this for the family I nanny for. I make my own too…slightly different recipe but I’m giving yours a go since we use Dr B anyway in the shower. Peppermint for LIFE! ❤️

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