Regrowing Vegetables

One of my favorite things to do with the kids are science experiments. There are tons of exciting things you can do right in your kitchen… cabbage litmus paper, cornstarch goo, rock candy, paper bag volcanos and pizza box solar ovens, to name a few. Science is so fascinating and so much fun. Discovery is possibly one of the best feelings ever.



One of the easiest experiments to do in your kitchen with your kids that also has an impact on our environment is regrowing kitchen scraps. I don’t regrow kitchen scraps often, but I love having a windowsill full of green – usually plant clippings I am trying to propagate. But the other day, I saved some ends from the compost bin and threw them in some water and told me son, let’s regrow some lettuce and carrots. He laughed at me and rolled his eyes, “You can’t regrow plants, Mom.” So, I said, “Let’s just try it and see what happens.” (one of my favorite things to say because I wholeheartedly believe in trying new things ALL THE TIME)

And now here we are in total wonder and my son is in disbelief. This was a fun discovery.

Just starting….

I decided to do a little research into what veggies will regrow and how to care for them (I can imagine they can’t stay in water forever…..especially the root veggies). You can regrow celery, lettuce, bok choy, carrots, green onions, onions, garlic greens, fennel, sweet potatoes, lemongrass, beet greens,  and leeks. (that’s a LOT of veggies!) You can grow tomatoes, peppers, lemons, pumpkins and even apricots by saving the seeds from the fruits, rinsing and drying them before planting which is a great idea for reducing waste. Basil can be propagated from taking cuttings. And here is the kicker – you can apparently regrow a pineapple. It will take some time commitment as a pineapple plant may not produce for a few years, but what the hell!!!?? Why not??

Check this out….


So, far, our kitchen experiment is going great. We have some carrots and celery to put in the soil and we are hopeful that our avocado pit will just give us a plant, because…….AVOCADO!…..why not? Our red leaf lettuce scrap should start growing some small leaves soon and we will be propagating some basil too.  The potato was cut into thirds with an eye on each section, left to dry and we should be planting it soon as well. I love that my son is interested in this now because growing plants is absolutely fascinating to me. Just look at what I found in the garden this spring while cleaning it up – the kale stem has a little baby growing off of it – REGROWTH in the garden! Nature is cool.


With the less waste movement and the homesteading movement, I find myself wanting to do everything I possibly can to preserve what I grow and to reuse and repurpose whatever I can. I have definitely lived a wasteful life and I have much making up to do.  Once I can get my garden growing bigger and better (with the help of some regrowth), I will be tackling the canning and preserving world next. Just look at our start…

Just look at the roots!
Cute little carrot tops and little white roots – ready to plant!
(this looks like an alien parasite)

Happy Propagating!

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  1. I have to ask. So did the carrots grow in the soil after it got some roots? I am trying this with parsnips right now as you have done with the carrots. There are fine tiny roots coming from the cut sides all around. Like yours. But I do not feel these roots are strong enough to plant into the ground yet. Thank you for your post and have a blessed day!

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