Reusable & Nontoxic Cleaning Wipes

We used to be a household of Bleach and Clorox Wipes. “Nothing but the best!”, I thought. I let my kids use the wipes to help clean the bathrooms or disinfect doorknobs and light switches. I never thought twice about what was in those cleaners. I just thought I was being a responsible parent by keeping the house clean and free of germs. Unfortunately, both of those cleaners are full of harmful chemicals that can create problems for people with asthma/respiratory problems and could even cause cancer. They both received a D Rating on the EWG Guide to Healthy Cleaning List and that’s not something I want to mess with.

As many of you know, I started a clean living journey a few months back. Thanks to my new knowledge of gut health from Plexus supplements, I have learned the importance of checking your labels and only putting natural ingredients in and on your body. I have slowly been replacing the chemical cleaners and household products in my house with non toxic and (hopefully) reusable options. I am still in this process. Very often, my clean creations are born out of necessity. Dry skin? Make a salve. Chapped lips? Make a lip balm. Dirty clothes? Make some detergent. Today we were in need of some cleaning wipes so that my youngest could help with the housework but there are no more Clorox wipes (which is surprising considering how huge those Costco packs are). So, now I need to make a natural replacement or my house won’t get clean.

No problem.


I found an easy recipe from Dwelling In Happiness and am excited to give it a try. Here is what you will need:

Simply add the vinegar, water and oils in the jar and swirl to mix. Add your cloths and turn upside down so they get completely saturated. When you need a cleansing wipe, take a cloth from the jar, squeeze the excess and use! Throw in the laundry and add right back to the jar when washed. This is such an easy recipe and you will feel so much better for having made it yourself with CLEAN ingredients and REUSABLE products. If you need wipes for on the go, just put them in a small container in your bag and always have a clean wipe that you can trust with you.

Go try this! It’s quick, easy and it will make an impact on your family and our environment.


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