Adventures in Building…

As a self proclaimed “maker”, there is always a small project in progress. Usually they are small crafts or modest recipes or easy homemade products because I don’t have a contractor’s knowledge to get much more in depth than that. I tried to make outdoor furniture once and it wasn’t very sturdy. That’s where my husband comes in. Living in a DIY family means that you are constantly putting into action skills that you might not otherwise learn on your own. Most people hire out for these type of skills. I have a pretty basic knowledge of some carpentry, plumbing and electrical skills, but would not feel comfortable doing ANY large projects on my own. But I am comfortable at trying out some smaller projects because the FEAR of doing certain “odd jobs” does not enter my mind anymore.

Unfortunately, I am not the best temperament for a skilled laborer. I get excited to make changes and fix things and I jump right in instead of planning ahead. Today I learned that about myself the hard way…

Being a brave DIY chick, I look at a project and decide, “I can make that!” and then go about purchasing supplies and jump right in. I spend lots of time on Pinterest exploring new and interesting ideas. I have started learning macrame, how to make my own household cleaners, some great gardening tips and how to organize the home beautifully. Life hacks at it’s best. Of course, Pinterest can get you into trouble too…. (ever seen the Pinterest Fail pics?) I recently saw a neat little wooden tray to cover the stovetop all over Pinterest and decided I needed to make it too (anything to cover the filth). It’s called a Noodle Board and apparently, people rolled their noodles and laid them out to dry on them back in the day. I have no clue what that means as I only buy my noodles in a box. All I know is that the board will cover my stovetop and that is just what I need in a kitchen where the stovetop is frequently neglected at cleaning time. I needed to have it now.

Off to the lumber store.

Upon sharing my ‘ready to go’ excitement for this project with my husband, he brought me back to reality with his “measure twice, cut once” ways. I listened intently, because I am not knowledgeable in carpentry – just brave enough to try. He gave me some great ideas and I continued my project with a better plan than I had before. It would have been quite a Pinterest Fail pic if I hadn’t gotten his tips.

I started measuring and cutting and glueing….


Here is what I learned:

  • Measure precisely
  • The circular saw is AWESOME and now I need to make something else. Gimme some ideas.
  • Wood glue works pretty quickly and clamps are a necessity
  • I chose pine because I am not using this as a cutting board – it’s purely decorative, meant to cover up my dirty burners and add a little more countertop space. BUT, if you are doing this to use as a cutting board, pick a hardwood! $$$
  • Don’t try to cut several boards the exact same length….it’s impossible with a circular saw. Instead, cut close enough , glue together and then cut the entire glued together piece as one to get the exact length
  • It’s probably cheaper to buy it from someone else….

This is where I messed up. My boards aren’t exactly the same length, so there are little gaps here and there that def bother me a bit. But, all in all, I made it all by myself – no other people touched this piece while it was being made and I am pretty damn proud of myself. Always a learning experience.

So, you are probably wondering when I am going to get to telling you how to make it yourself? Nope. Nada. I have ZERO plans for you because there was a lot of “making it up as I went along” happening on this project. I had to go to the store 3 separate times. I am not going to show you how I fastened everything from underneath – it’s NOT pretty. Also, not everyone has the same size stoptop and if you have a gas stove, the burner shapes are different too. It would be MUCH easier to make one of these for an electric cooktop – like REALLY easy. But, because I had to box in my burners, things got complicated.

Fastened from underneath with a smaller board around the seams.
See the gaps? Dangit.

But, if you are interested in taking a peek at what some others did, check these out:

I fully intended to have this completed in just one day with some rockstar photos to share, but that plan was not well thought out (as usual). So, here is my finished piece before staining. I promise to update the pics when I get it stained. Oh! Check out the cute little rack I put above the back of the stove top too! I just whipped that together because making that was super easy and it gave me a place to put some seasonings, oils and such so I can keep the countertop a little less cluttered. Hooray! Off to stain these bad boys…

Happy Making!



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