Homemade Charcoal Toothpaste – 2 ways

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There was a time when the thought of making my own soap, detergent, shampoo or toothpaste seemed ridiculous to me. Way over my head. Now, I almost feel like I have super powers when I make a candle or shampoo or detergent. Why didn’t I start this earlier?

I know that my health journey with Plexus gut health supplements led to my devotion to toxin-free living and now I am more confident in making my own products because I know the value and importance of using clean ingredients.

But I did wonder today why more people aren’t making their own products too? My first thought was that is must be because they think they can’t do it. Then I thought it’s probably because they have no time. Or maybe even that they just don’t know or care about clean ingredients.

I feel it is important to show you that you CAN make these products yourself, you DO have the time and it IS important for your health.

Today, let’s start with toothpaste…..did you know that toothpaste doesn’t really do that much? Clean teeth come from the act of brushing and scrubbing, they are NOT cleansed from toothpaste. If toothpaste doesn’t really clean your teeth, why are we spending LOADS of money on these special toothpastes when we should really be perfecting our brushing technique (and most likely paying attention and taking our time)? I have an idea – it’s the attack of the killer consumerism. I’m no activist, but we are told to buy more and more special stuff every day when we REALLY should be purchasing less. Less purchasing = less waste. How many toothpaste tubes do you go through each year? (made ya think….) But, I am going off on a tangent here, back to toothpaste….

So if toothpaste is just a “cosmetic” thing and we don’t really need to use anything special, let’s stop buying it and make our own. It’s super simple to do and truly, there are tons of recipes. Since it really doesn’t matter, pick the one you like.

I am going natural. I tried 2 different recipes tonight and it took me less than 15 minutes to make them both. My daughter took a shower in the time I measured, mixed and cleaned up after myself. Although, that’s not saying much since she is a teen. But, truly, it was super quick and super easy.

Both recipes contain activated charcoal (as I am a firm believer in this goodness) but one is more syrupy while the other is more pasty.

The syrupy recipe was easy:

Just mix it together – it’s so simple. The messiest part was opening up the capsules of charcoal, but who really cares….we are kitchen scientists and we’re having fun!

The pasty recipe was simple too:

Mix together the dry ingredients and add the water slowly until you reach desired consistency then add your oils and mix. Make sure this is not kept in a metal container of any kind because clays absorb impurities such as toxins and heavy metals and can possibly pull from the container. Stainless steel is A-OK.

So, what do these ingredients do?

  • Coconut oil will pull bacteria and other toxins out of your gums and crevices.
  • Baking Soda will clean your mouth and whiten your smile.
  • Activated Charcoal works wonders by pulling the stains off your teeth.
  • Bentonite Clay absorbs toxins, impurities, heavy metals and other internal contaminants. It’s is also great for remineralizing teeth because of its high mineral content. This can help with any tooth decay.

So, you choose which one to try. Or try them both, it takes no time to make and they are so much more cost effective than buying those expensive toothpaste tubes. It also helps reduce waste – say no to plastic!

I tried them both (wow my teeth are clean tonight!) and I prefer the pasty toothpaste. It has the right feel in my mouth and holds the Spearmint ‘taste’ better. The activated charcoal, clay and baking soda aren’t the best tasting ingredients, so having the spearmint makes all the difference. My teeth feel exceptionally clean (and I am a stickler for that – I love going to the dentist for cleanings) so I am VERY pleased with this experiment.

I hope this inspires you to try it too. Remember, you have the time, the means and the reason. Happy Brushing!

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