Busy Busy Busy

I had a busy day full of back breaking work. No time to create or write, sorry. My only tip to share is this:

Do NOT try to take apart pallets by using a pry bar. If someone said that was the way to do it, don’t trust them. They are not trustworthy. Trust me when I say, you can only cut them off into smaller pieces with a circular saw or use a Sawzall (reciprocating saw) to cut the nails.

I brought home 12 pallets last Friday to work on a project for a friend and to maybe make something for myself. After shoveling more trenches for our drainage project this morning and grocery shopping, I decided to take care of the pallets. I know it’s going to rain tomorrow and I need to be able to put a kid or two or three in my car, so the pallets gotta go. (did I mention that my stow ‘n’ go seating rocks!? 12 pallets!)

I cut the boards into small pieces on the first 5 and then used the sawzall on the rest…it took me 4 1/2 hours and 3 reciprocating saw blades. My whole body hurts and I’m completely exhausted.

Takeaway: pallet deconstruction is not a simple afternoon task.

Good luck everyone. Zzzzzzzzz

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