Chicken Toddlers

It’s been a couple weeks since we brought home our baby chicks and I wanted to give you an update and share what I have learned so far as a new “suburban chicken lady”. I would definitely call the chicks ‘toddlers’ now since they are clumsy, knock stuff over, get into things they shouldn’t and poop everywhere…

Chickens grow fast. Holy cow….it does not seem possible that it’s only been a couple weeks since they came to our home (or actually, I giddily brought them home without talking to my family about it). Chicks are shipped to stores when they are only 1 day old because that is the only safe time to ship a chick because they have enough energy from the egg they just hatched from. After that, they may not survive the journey. So, it is safe to say that when my chicks arrived at the supply store that morning, they were probably just 1-2 days old. We will certainly celebrate that…..cuz, who wouldn’t want to see a chicken in a birthday hat?

Everyone stayed close to me when I took them on their first outdoor field trip…
Getting braver…

Chickens are fascinating to watch. OK, so it’s not a binge-worthy Netflix series, but it’s easy to spend an hour just watching them peck around and peep. I started to take them outside this week since they have some actual feathers now and the weather has gotten warmer. Man, they love to peck and scratch and flit about.

Moooooooommmmm, stop following us….

Chickens aren’t that messy. I’m not a neat freak….I have 3 kids and have succumbed to the chaos. Since I can’t really put the chickens outside permanently until nighttime temps are over 70°F, they are living in our home inside a large wired dog crate. (we have 2 instinctive cats) I am not bothered by the chickens poop and that is pretty much the messiest part about having chickens (because they let it rip anywhere….even on your shoulder). Of course, when they are moved outdoors, that same poop will be a great fertilizer for my yard and coop cleanup doesn’t scare me. A well maintained coop will be low to no-odor – especially when compared to our indoor kitty litter box….ugh (that’s my daughter’s chore).

It’s not every day a chick climbs into your hand and takes a nap…

Chickens have personalities. I specifically chose the Plymouth Barred Rock breed because of these few traits – they are good egg layers, do well in cold climates, are a heritage breed, fairly quiet and make good pets. But, let’s be honest….I didn’t just get these chicks for eggs. This may be my “the kids don’t really need me anymore” phase. I definitely want them as pets. We have already named them all and I can honestly say that I have a couple favorites that are also the bravest ladies in the flock. I talk to them all day long just like I do to my cats. #crazycatANDchickenlady

My sweet boy with his favorite chick…..

It’s only been 2 weeks and I have been sucked into the vortex of suburban chicken ladyship. I’m proud to wear this badge! I live in a boxed up neighborhood and dream about owning 10 acres away from all society. (maybe when the kids go to college) Owning chickens does NOT have to be only for farmers.

Learning how to plan the garden space, plant the seedlings and care for their individual needs.

With the need to feel more in touch with our food and where it comes from and also to create a simpler life, chickens are an easy way to take that step. Teaching and sharing with my children about the herbs and vegetables that we grow in our garden and the eggs that we will be collecting from our ladies will bring more awareness to the impact we have on this world. My hope is that it will create an understanding and desire in my kids to keep their footprint small as they grow to adults.

Today is Mother’s Day (well, when I wrote this) and the amount of love and support that my lady-friends all show to each other today with kind “Happy Mother’s Day” greetings is matched in their love and support in raising kind and thoughtful children. Raising these chickens is for me and for my kids because I take my lifelong “job” as Mama of Kind and Conscious Kids very seriously.

I hope all you Mamas had an amazing day!

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  1. Wow, they are getting sooo big…. looks like the kids are involved-great !!! Mom


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