Living Frugally AND Environmentally

Saving money is pretty much on all of our minds these days. Life is expensive, kids aren’t cheap and retirement planning is nothing to be taken lightly.

When my kids were babies, I tried to use coupons on so many occasions, but they just aren’t for me. I had a coupon wallet and it was always forgotten or never had what I needed. The coupons that were available never coincided with my needs. Purchasing products that I don’t normally use just because they have a coupon just seems wasteful to me. I also hate deadlines. #procrastinator

I tried just not going anywhere in hopes that I would simply spend less. Sure, that works for awhile…but then you find yourself on Amazon dreaming of all the things you want to do while at home and the supplies you need to do them. Oh, and isn’t that wrap skirt adorable? #Imasucker

I tried making more money, but let’s face it, I am a mama and the amount of time needed to turn a profit in my home sewing business was taking away from my family, making me depressed and stressed and wasn’t producing enough money to make any difference. #dowhatmakesyouhappy

It wasn’t until I started making my own products and focusing on less waste that I realized that being eco-conscious was also frugal! Many people associate clean living with expense. But there is so much more to clean and simple living that is helpful to our planet AND to your wallet. I am not saying we should all strive to be on an episode of Extreme Cheapskates, but there are quite a few ways to live frugally, environmentally and with less waste and they are available to everyone…

  • Purchase a high quality reusable water bottle instead of buying plastic water bottles. Carry it everywhere with you. Once you get used to carrying it, it won’t seem like a big deal.  You save money by not buying single use plastic water bottles and you save the planet by not buying all that plastic that ends up in landfills or killing our ocean animals. This is my favorite water bottle.


  • Go with a cloth napkin and washable plate and stop using paper napkins and paper plates. For everyday use, pick a color for each member of the family so they can determine when the napkin is in need of washing (it may not need washing after each meal). Super simple swap here!
  • Use a clothesline or drying rack. Dryers use a ton of energy and not everything needs to be tumbled. Set up an area in your home to hang towels, cloth napkins, socks, pants, etc during the winter (in front of the wood burning stove?) and then set up that clothesline when the sun comes out in late spring. I am excited to set up mine this year!


  • Buy goods in bulk or refillable options whenever you can to save money and save the planet from all the plastic containers that smaller items use. Save jars from items you have already purchased and reuse!
  • Use microfiber cleaning cloths for your house cleaning instead of buying single use wipes or dusters that create more waste and many use unhealthy chemicals. (baking soda and vinegar is all you need to clean) I grew up using an old tshirt to dust…..why did we stop doing that? I am back at it now….and love to use microfiber cloths for dusting, scrubbing and floor cleaning!
  • Use a coffeemaker with a timer. Make the coffee set up part of your evening routine and soon you will realize just how much money you were wasting at coffee shops and how much waste you were contributing to our planet with all those single use cups with plastic lids and stirrers, etc….
  • Try the trendy beeswax wraps instead of using plastic wrap on your leftovers. Or try some glass containers with lids made from sustainable materials. You end up purchasing less wrap and help mother earth. I love these but I am going to try to make my own soon!!


Some other small items that can save you money and save our planet:

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It’s eye opening what you will figure out when you decide to live a cleaner, simpler, less waste life. I am definitely buying less, saving more and making less waste. And that is what it’s all about, right? Do what you can.



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  1. Very informative post – thanks for sharing all your great ideas. Life certainly gets more expensive every day.

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