Storing Bread

I have always bought my bread from the store. Occasionally a loaf gets baked and eaten within an hour by my ravenous family but it was never a weekly event. I have never been much of a baker, but bread is something I am interested in getting more experience with. Give me warm fresh bread and some creamy butter and I am just as ravenous as my family. Mmmm…

My kids love toast and sandwiches (and just warm bread with butter, surprise!) and we can easily go through a loaf of bread in just a few days. All those plastic bread bags don’t work with my less plastic lifestyle now and paper bags turn my bread rock hard. The cost of the bread and the “extra” ingredients and the constant trips to the store make me cringe too.

I need a better way.

To solve my issues, I started to bake my own bread more often (as you may have read about in a previous blog post), but am still in the process of perfecting that easy ‘cut and come again dough in the fridge’ option. So far, I have made a bunch of artisan loaves which are very easy to do, but I am working towards a slicing loaf too. It has to fit the family’s needs or else what is the point? I am confident that I will get there soon enough…

When you bake a loaf of bread or two and want to keep it for sandwiches and toast for the week, what do you store it in? In the past, we would just eat the whole loaf while it was still warm, but I need an option that is good for keeping the bread fresh. I want the center to stay soft while keeping the crust crisp as well. No stale bread allowed.

Apparently, linen bags seem to be my answer as the Europeans have known forever. Why don’t we listen? Linen is:

  • Breathable
  • Keeps the bread in the dark
  • Washable
  • Keeps bread from drying out
  • Linen naturally attracts moisture
  • Looks way cuter on my countertop than a plastic bag!
  • Reusable & safe for the environment

I ordered some heavy linen to make some bags from scratch, but the easiest thing that ANYONE can do is upcycle some linen tea towels or napkins. Just ask grandma…. I have tons of tea towels – you can never have too many! I chose a 50% linen check towel to make my bag (because it is what I have on hand right now) and made sure it was washed and ironed inside out. If you need help figuring out if something is actually linen, check out this post….

So many options!

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I pulled out the sewing machine and set up my thread to match (sorta…..the stitches won’t be seen). Fold the tea towel in half length wise and inside out,then a quick pin around the 2 edges being sewn and we are ready to roll. Zip zip. Done.

You can make it more complicated by adding a drawstring top for some twine, string or roping, but I just went ahead and made it the easiest way of all…..

Look how cute this is gonna be on my countertop! A simple twine ribbon. See you at  breakfast! Sitting pretty.

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