Reflections on my Modern Homesteading Lifestyle

It’s a rainy summer day. I’m sitting on the sofa with my kids watching a movie while the piles of laundry cycle through the washer. The rose outside my window is gently swaying and releasing the sweetest scent. Perfect time to reflect on the last few months…

I started this blog about 8 months ago when I was very early into my homesteading journey. And if this seems foreign to you, let me explain….

Homesteading is defined as a lifestyle of sustainability – which usually involves agriculture, food preservation and sometimes small scale production of items like textiles or craftwork for the home or for sale.

(man, do I fit this definition!) I also like to include ‘clean, less toxic living’ in my homesteading definition which is kind of implied since it’s DIY so of course I pick safe ingredients, but I like to show that I do this SPECIFICALLY because I care about those ingredients.

Most people think homesteading means you have to live on a full sized farm, milk cows, ride horses and wear a bonnet – all or nothing. But homesteading is actually about sustainability, not churning your own butter (although I would love to try this!). This is the 21st century and there is a whole new insurgence of people seeking a simpler lifestyle with less plastic, less technology, less chemicals and less waste. Can you blame us? Things have really gotten out of hand (I should know, I am a child of the over-the-top 80’s).

During the 4 years of being with my health and wellness company, I have eagerly absorbed tons of information about the ingredients we put in our household products, the chemicals in our foods and how deeply they affect our well-being. Health is not just about diet and exercise.

The problem is that the chemicals and toxins we are affected by are EVERYWHERE. They are in the sofa I am sitting on, the soap I washed my hands with, the cereal my kids ate for breakfast, and so on and so on. It can be overwhelming. I know how easy it is to give up and throw in the towel when you find out you are completely surrounded.

Just give up, right?

In the past, I did.

Not anymore.

My health and wellness company taught me that we can all start with small changes. Those small steps mean you are moving in a positive direction. Making lifestyle changes is NEVER easy – the change always seems so big which is why most people give up on their dreams. I follow the small steps mantra with my homesteading as well as with my health and wellness needs. I don’t have my own goats to make cheese or a field of corn or pigs to make bacon (wahhhh!)….but I HAVE started a small garden, begun the canning process, have a flock of egg laying hens, mix my own shampoo and detergent, and even create my own household items and art. Yep, I AM a homesteader.

This year so far of blogging and building and mixing and creating has taught me so much and yet I still feel like a newbie with tons more to learn. I have connected with other farmers and homesteaders to absorb what I can and continue to ask questions, try new things, document them and share. The journey to make such a huge lifestyle change takes time and patience. I have made mistakes, been lazy and felt defeated many times already.

I will not give up.

The health and happiness of my family are my biggest priority. Through organic living, DIY household items, health and wellness supplements from my company, canning and preserving as much as possible, building/creating more and purchasing/wasting less, I know I am on the way to get my family where I want us to be – living a more sustainable life that shows respect to our planet, to others and most of all, to ourselves.

Some of the goals I have reached and continue to learn in this modern homesteading life are:

  • gardening in small spaces
  • preserving and canning
  • propagating plants
  • baking breads
  • making cheese
  • sewing/crochet/macrame
  • caring for egg laying chickens
  • seed sowing/seed collecting
  • cooking more meals from scratch
  • foraging for wild edibles
  • less waste/less purchasing (esp plastics)
  • fishing
  • chopping wood
  • using scraps in the kitchen for cleaning, the chickens or composting
  • composting
  • make my own shampoo, conditioner, detergent, cleaners, lotions, lip balms, makeup removers, toothpaste, bug repellent, etc
  • building wooden structures like the coop, furniture and raised beds
  • make my own chicken food/treats
  • plant enough food in the garden to preserve
  • organic gardening
  • dealing with pests naturally
  • use aromatherapy
  • make my own candles and other products with beeswax
  • use a clothesline whenever possible
  • reduce, reuse and recycle

So, in reflection, I KNOW I am on the right path and hopefully I can encourage more of you to do the same. Whatever you need help with – send me a message. The more sustainable we all are, the better.

4 Comments on “Reflections on my Modern Homesteading Lifestyle

  1. I spent three months researching a mattress that is safe with no harmful chemicals or “off gassing” for V’s big girl bed. Many big brands make them but you have to dig deep into what the materials used are. So yeah little things make a big difference and just think if everyone made just a few changes how much better off we would be. Keep going girl!!!

    • Oh my goodness, totally agree! Just start small and do one thing. As you and I both know, it progresses naturally and easily!
      So glad you found something safe for V. You are such an amazing mama. xoxo

  2. Love this post. We as me and my man has moved in with my MIL. Since being here were slowly changing things, gardening (yay my own tiny garden), recycle, reuse, and teaching those things to my MIL like throw away stuff you don’t need and keep what you need (or give away). Make your own bread instead of buying 5 loaf every two weeks!!! Its been a challenge not being in my own space but slowly making this house our homestead.. next chickens.

    • Yeah!! I love this! The beat part is that you are not only changing your own habits and loving it, BUT, you are also teaching and inspiring your MIL to do the same. Let me know if you have any questions about chickens! Thanks for commenting. Xoxo

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