Easiest French Onion Soup Ever

I am all about ease in the kitchen. Maybe I am lazy, or maybe I am just not a good cook. But, one thing is for sure, I LOVE good food and I don’t like to follow recipes that have me in the kitchen doing complicated things.

As the temperature drops and the sweaters and slippers come out, it is time for some warm, comfort food….like soup. I love ALL kinds of soup – I never discriminate. One of my faves is Butternut Squash Soup but now that I am getting more into baking bread (post coming soon!), I knew I had to try making french onion soup because it just HAS to have fresh bread and melted cheese on top. #foodgoals

The only thing I hate about onions, is chopping them. I am definitely not up to sous chef ability when it comes to my knife skills. But, I push through. For this recipe I used enormous vidalia onions I bought in a ridiculous sized bag at Costco. I honestly don’t know what I was thinking when I bought them, but now I am so glad I did.


I took about 5, 6, 7, 8, who knows, onions and chopped them all in half, peeled and sliced them in very chunky half moon sizes. Because I was slicing them chunky, I wasn’t chopping for days, so the onions didn’t bother my eyes as much. Usually, I have to take breaks and go cry in the other room it’s so bad.

Heat up your crock pot to low and throw all your thick sliced onions in there. Add a few pats of butter – 2 or 3 tablespoons – who measures? Add a sprinkle of salt and pepper and a few dashes of Worcestershire sauce. It adds a deeper flavor. I went to the garden and pulled a few sprigs of fresh thyme and threw it in the pot as well. That will come out later.


Now set that puppy and forget it…..until tomorrow.

Yup…..you read that right. I put these onions in the crock pot the NIGHT BEFORE I wanted to eat the soup. Now, you are probably going….whoa, that’s a long time! But hear me out, the reason why you cook it so long is for the deep, rich caramelized flavor you get from this long slow cooking. The onions get a rich dark brown color and take on such a sweet taste that even my littlest kid liked it. He was quite skeptical about coming to the dinner table when I said I made ONION soup.

So, let those onions cook for 8-12 hours  I honestly don’t even remember how long I cooked mine. Maybe even longer. Hmmmmm…. The next day I added beef broth until it was the right liquid to solid ratio I prefer for my soups (probably around 3 boxes) and then I let it go until dinner time. When everyone was ready to eat, I thickly sliced some crusty bread (it’s gotta be a medium density artisan bread – sandwich bread will fall apart) floated it on top with a slice of whatever cheese I had in the sandwich drawer – provolone or swiss? and put it under the broiler and watched it like a hawk. When the cheese melted and got some warm brown spots, I served it to the family.

One of my kids hates melted cheese (crazy, right?), so he just got the bread on top.

My oldest child didn’t even come to the table, my middle child said it was OK and my youngest (as usual) praised me up and down saying he didn’t know onions could taste that good. I actually consider this a success. My husband and I were in heaven and we even had a few pints to put in jars to share and freeze.

I heated up a bowl for lunch yesterday since I made a loaf of sourdough for breakfast and it was just as delicious as day 1. Mmmmmmm

Not fast, but so, so easy and with a little planning and a few basic ingredients, you can have some rich, delicious soup this weekend too. Don’t forget the red wine…..


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