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Nature’s Seasonal Beauty

Remember A Charlie Brown Christmas special when the gang tries to find a tree for their holiday play and all they find are brightly colored, shiny, blinking metal trees? Even back in 1965 when the iconic movie was made, they knew that the holiday… Continue Reading “Nature’s Seasonal Beauty”

Naturally Dyed Eggs DIY

Food dyes have played a major role in our lives since we were kids. I remember how red my lips would get after eating popsicles and how my fingers would glow a bright Cheeto-Orange. These colors were always associated with special treats since I… Continue Reading “Naturally Dyed Eggs DIY”

Valentine’s Day for the Family that doesn’t Celebrate…

Yahhhh, I know I am being a sour puss. But truly, these ‘minimal’ holidays just seem to become a burden as your children get older. The sweet adorable magic is gone so you are just going through the motions. I am not going to… Continue Reading “Valentine’s Day for the Family that doesn’t Celebrate…”